Posted 13/08/14

We’re a modest bunch here at Pr Print so we don’t like talking ourselves up too much. Fortunately we have some great clients who are happy to do that for us and here are a few kind comments we’ve received.....

"You boys are good! I don't think the mill looked that good when it was NEW - talking about how their steel mill was 'transformed' in their printed material." - Paul Hanratty - Bridgeton Steel Structure

"PR Print & Design not only provide an excellent print service, they offer invaluable advice on design and content, ensuring the message on our print material has maximum impact on our target audience. The Company's Carbon Neutral message also complements NHS Lanarkshire's Healthy Working Lives programme which covers a wide range of topics including Health and the Environment." - Hugh Sweeney, North Lanarkshire NHS

"At Internacionale we print almost on a daily basis and timescales are often tight. PR Print are always able to meet our print demands and the quality and service is of the highest standards at all times. We have a great relationship with the guys and they always go out of their way to help us on new ideas and demands from our stores." - Elaine Kennedy, Internationale

"PR Print & Design offered the perfect solution to reducing our carbon footprint, at no extra cost and with no compromise on quality." - Philip Whyte, President of Strathclyde Student Association

"Our Organisation has an on-going commitment to contributing to a greener environment and having PR Print & Design in our supply chain for print work is a simple way to help us achieve our environmental objectives." - Kirsten Robb, Green Party