We generate over 80% of our electricity from our solar panels.

PR Print and Design is only the second company to supply Climate Neutral Print in the UK, we focus on minimising the adverse effects on the environment.

Climate change is the biggest challenge of the 21st century. Individual companies need to make their contribution as well. The use of climate neutral print products offers companies the opportunity to become active in climate protection quickly and easily.

In climate neutral printing, the greenhouse gas emissions produced by the printing process are precisely calculated, which allows the biggest emission drivers and reduction potential to be identified. Through investment in internationally recognized carbon offset projects, the unavoidable CO2 emissions can then be offset, and the print products can thus be rendered climate neutral.

We make the contribution to climate protection on your behalf and never add the price to the job– we are your partner 

The process becomes transparent through a label with an order-related and thus individual ID number. The climate neutrality of your product is then traceable since this ID can be checked online.

How does climate neutral printing work?

  1. We calculate the CO2 emissions of the specific print product/order for customers
  2. The CO2 emissions are offset by supporting recognized carbon offset projects that reduce CO2 emissions effectively
  3. We produce a label which can be used on your documentation and boxes and produce a  certification of offset for the job.

Take a look at our business Carbon footprint video.

You will automatically be supplied with Climate Neutral certification.
You will be able to choose your charity when you order your Climate Neutral print from us. One of these charities is the Kenya Water Purification Project.